The Plastic Bag

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Strolling along the trail at one of my favorite places to walk, I was allowing the feelings from a situation the night before to be transformed. Interesting how life gives us such opportunities to stretch and grow...and most generally it is the ones we love so dearly that provide these teachings. I started the walk with the intention of rebalancing my heart for my head was trouping all over it...."Why did this happen....Did I do something to contribute to this..." and the questions continued.

The beginning of the trail is open space, the sky was so blue, the air cool with the early morning breeze and the winged ones were busy gathering food for their babies. As I entered the densely wooded area, I called to those beautiful standing ones (trees) and told them I would enter with a clear heart and mind...with gratitude for their amazing teachings of staying grounded and allowing their deep roots to sustain them through all sorts of weather, I ask they assist me with reconnecting to my 'home base'.

As I walked along the meandering path that winds around a creek, I stopped to notice the hundreds and hundreds of small white fluff balls that were accumulating on the ground. I realized the "mother tree" was sending me a message...there are many blessings all around me...all I had to do was notice them. If you have seen the movie Avatar, you'll know of what I am speaking ...if you haven't seen the movie, do yourself a favor and rent it!

By the time I emerged from the thick wooded area I was feeling balanced and clear--actually, I felt joyful for my life and all the amazing experiences that remind me what a gift it is to be on this Earth plane. I turned to take the open path and noticed a white plastic bag laying on the pavement ahead of me...a woman was coming toward me and she walked around it. As I passed it, I was reminded of giving back...I had just been given a tremendous gift from that walking I turned around, picked up the bag and walked it to the trash can a few feet away.

As I continued, I saw more discarded items...a piece of rope, a plastic bottle, a wrapper, cigarette butt and something else I can't recall at this moment. So, I held the items in my hand until I found another trash container near the end of my walk. As I carried these items for about half a mile, a teaching suddenly came to my awareness.

My journey that morning started with a request to rebalance myself and allow my heart to find it's voice...for it never needs answers to human drama questions, it simply feels, forgives and moves on. When I make a request from my heart, it is heard and answered.

The plastic bag was given to me to hold the items discarded with little respect and regard for the non-human habitates of that was my choice whether to take the time to pick them up and see they were disposed of so others could enjoy the beauty of the park, or to walk by them and expect someone else to pick them up.

We are given exactly what we need when we need it...our job is to pay attention and take the action right in front of us to keep our hearts beautiful! Just as the park took my discarded items that were given to me with little respect or regard, so I returned that loving gift with the use of a plastic bag!

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