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Every Tuesday a group of committed healers sit from 6:30-8:00 p.m. and offer their gifts to those seeking healing in his/her life. This work can and has been life changing to those with the courage to follow their inner voice.

Within each of us is a wise self that knows the answers to our questions, it knows what makes us happy, content, courageous and intentional in every action we make. We are taught to only use our "head mind" (mental abilities) to solve problems and set goals, and yet, it is our "heart mind" that dreams!

Our modern world has discovered many marvelous methods, medicines and procedures for assisting our bodies with healing. However, even these discoveries required the use of BOTH our "head mind" and our "heart mind!" Someone had to experience an emotional reaction to an illness in someone they love or someone that simply moved their heart to say, "something needs to be done to help" to then spring their "head mind" into action to finding a solution. 

With that said, modern medicine has advanced and expanded on what our ancestors used to keep their communities healthy and working, and those old ways were the spring board from which modern medicine was birthed. Our Healing Circle still honors and utilizes those ancient traditions and offers those gifts to the community.

The four major areas of all human beings are the: Physical, Social/Emotion, Intellectual and Spiritual, and until a couple of decades ago, modern medicine's major focus was only on the Physical.  A few decades ago they began to address the emotional/social and intellectual components that contributed to a person's recovery and healing.  Gratefully, the Spiritual component is now being brought to the forefront. 

Just as "it takes a village to raise a child," so all the key areas of being a human being need to work together to bring about complete health and well-being for individuals. Interesting our ancestors knew the importance of one's soul before other areas were considered. They knew that if the soul was "intact" the body would have what it needed to be healthy in all the other areas of a human's life. They knew the "Head and Heart" needed to work together!

We welcome your questions and offer our gifts to be of service to YOU.  Please know we respect the amazing healing gifts of modern medicine; we simply offer an additional component

Contact Vicky with questions or to gain more information at: vkwspirit@gmail.com 

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