"Thanks for the Memories!"

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  The Indy 500 and Memorial weekend have been a matched pair for over a hundred years. This year signifies the 100th running of the race, although there were several years when historical events prevented its running. Most Hoosiers are loyal, simple, yet diverse people and their love and faith in country and family is immeasurable by any standards. 
  This year, for the first time the race has been sold out, it seems more than Hoosiers will be celebrating this event! For the past 100 days a local TV station has recalled a year at the close of each broadcast. It has been such a sweet trip down memory lane for more then just the race. Observing the clothing styles, historical buildings, type of automobiles on the streets all stimulated memories of the tremendous growth and change heralded in over the past 100 years. 
  Throughout each daily segment, there was also a reference to the military members that served and protected our treasured freedoms. It was a heart-warming, tear felt memory of the sacrifices made by those that walked before us, and a reminder to never take our freedoms for granted. 
  As the industrial revolution and modernization of new technologies made way for sky scrapers, mass transportation and super highway. The busyness and mobility of life has shape-shifted our families bringing the suburbs to meet the city limits. It is, indeed, a sight to behold to see familiar farm lands of the past now yield crops of mass housing. 
  Through this daily recounting of the past 100 years it has warmed my heart to witness how the unyielding faith and love of family contributes to the basic "good ole' boy" beliefs that one's word is their bond, a handshake seals the deal and a hand up is always available. This Hoosier is grateful for the memories that whatever current events and conflicts may be happening, the basic goodness of people will prove that loyalty and faith are more than just words.  

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