The Nature of Things

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Ever wondered why a deer continues to cross your path?  Have you noticed a particular bird that shows itself to you?  Or a tree that seems to draw your eyes to it as you walk a particular trail?  Perhaps you have been awaken in the middle of the night and felt the draw to go outside and look at the night sky?

Our present day society currently places human beings as the most important species on this planet.  We seem to have claimed ownership to the rights, privileges and domination over all things on this Earth.  There are great wisdom our ancestors, or any indigenous tribe of this planet carried, and one of the most important aspects was a respect for "all our relations" the coexist on Earth.  They had respect for the animal kingdom, for the Trees, water, air, fire, creepy crawlees, many legged and no leggeds...they saw all inhabitants on Earth as part of the 'Family'. 

Please share your stories of what you have learned, heard, or are curious about with regards to the "rest of our Earth family." There is much we can gain from re-membering these old stories, and telling new ones we have experienced. 

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