Our Ancestors

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  Those that walked before us have valuable experience from which we may glean important truths. As we experience life here on Earth we learn a thing or two about what it means to be a sacred human being! The phrase is "we are spiritual beings have a physical experience" is absolutely the truth! Whether a person believes that or not is of no importance, it is still the Truth!
   From living life we learn the things we were taught as a young child are, indeed, what we came here to change. If we are brave, we will ask our parents and grandparents about his/her's story, what his/her's life was like. We would listen with an ear toward learning and gaining insights as to what helped our caregivers become the human beings he/she have become. We do this to learn how to consciously choose the life we want to experience, and we to show respect to our caregivers as he/she concludes his/her's life on Earth.
  Our Elders become ancestors when they leave Earth and cross to the "other side," whatever place that may be from his/her's perspective. What is for certain, is his/her soul does continues to exist, it is only his/her's physical body that remains on Earth. If we are smart, we will listen with a compassionate and curious heart to the words he/she has to share in order to make the best use of the time we have here on Earth. At least, that is my understanding, because I know for certain my Grandmother, Father and Uncle continue to assist me from their current location among the stars. While I miss their physical presence, my heart feels their love the second I think of them, and, they continue to guide me as I request assistance.

  We would love to hear the stories held in your heart about your grandparents for it is in the sharing of our stories we keep the teachings alive! Through the stories you share what you learned, how your heart was nurtured and warmed, others have the opportunity to access the teachings and receive the same gift. 

Send your stories to Vicky at: vkwspirit@gmail.com

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