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Vicky has both a Master and Educational Specialist degree from IU in Counseling and has more than 30 years experience assisting individuals and families. She offers her expertise to help you clear away what no longer serves you and then create the life you really want.

It takes great courage to ask for what you want. It takes even more courage to look within for your answers.  If you are to be truly empowered and be in right relationship with your true self, you must take responsibility for the actions you choose and the only way to do this is to discern and decide for yourself!  Clutter clearing is another important feature of Life Counseling that opens the space for your desires to find room in your life!  A life counselor supports your dreams, keeps you honest and assists you with getting clear and bringing into your life exactly what you desire.   Don't know where to start?  A life counselor helps you find that second step...the first you must take by making a call!  Monetary gifting investment is based on a sliding scale  of $50 - $80 a session that is determined by you.

Ask yourself:  
        If I were to die tomorrow, would I be satisfied with my life?
        Are my relationships fulfilling?
        Does my work support my life?
        What do I want from my life?

It really is simple. Life Counseling begins with face-to-face visits to my home so we can get a real "feel" for whether we're a compatible match. Much like finding the right person to cut your hair or the right doctor for which you feel comfortable with, there must a level of trust felt in the first few sessions in order to really delve into your personal story. Once the decision is made to work together, the work can be done in your favorite place to relax at an agreed upon time and date. This serves to help you keep the commitment to healing areas in your life since it is often easy to put our personal needs on the 'back burner' over the needs of others....this helps you begin to place yourself as a priority.  We call this a 'sacred selfishness' or 'self care'--and it is a must if we are to be of service to those around us.  You can only give others what you give yourself!

Another important service provided is the use of ceremony. We utilize powerful ancient ways to assist with calling in your dreams, removing old ties to the past that no longer serve you, and shedding the old ways to allow the new to emerge. These ancient ceremonies are powerful ways of transforming and changing your life! Check out the Ceremonies tab for more information.

Monthly Gatherings are offered for those seeking a community in which to learn and share from life experiences...check the Calendar tab for scheduled gatherings.

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