Mother's Day

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  Someone I love very much said multiple times, “If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother.” I recall the laughter from those hearing that comment. It made me feel grateful I had a “good” relationship with my mother. Over the years, I have realized the weight of that statement. It seems whatever is happening in our lives it is our mothers we wish for when we are joyful and when times are difficult. Whether the relationship with our mother is a close one, where trust and respect abound, or one that has many challenges due past bitterness and disappointment from a mother who showed favoritism, indifference, or was simply too self-consumed with her own needs to attend her child’s, what I have observed over the years is that regardless of a person’s age, our hearts long for the love of our mother.

  This Mother’s day, may those of you who read this feel the presence of that divine, loving Mother. Her beauty, her unconditional love, her resiliency to life’s events, her abundant, generous, and undeniable sweetness, along with her ever present listening ears are presented to us every time we walk out of our door and into her home.

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