Welcome 2017!

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  Oh my goodness it is amazing to me we are firmly into the year, 2017! Where has 2016 gone? My mother used to tell me the older I get the more quickly the years fly by . . .  she was so very correct! 
  As I enter into 2017 one of my "focal points" is to be more diligent with my website, blog, FB, any thing I currently use as social media. I do not wish to tweet, instagram, snap chat or any other new medium by which to be online; however, it feels important to keep up what is presently in place. 
  What I really, really prefer is a good ole conversation; however, this site is to offer a sneak peak into what Head to Heart Talks is all about . . .  apparently, people prefer to "check out" a person via electronics before speaking to them, and, that's probably a wise decision. So, check out the site, leave a comment or two and by all means send an email if you have questions. 
  One of the first things we have scheduled for this year is a monthly gathering to learn about the 13 Original Clan Mothers as introduced by Jamie Sams. Each month we will get to know the teachings of that specific month's Clan Mother in order to learn more about the Truth. That's right, there are many facets to the Truth that can and will enrich our lives if we will take the time to consider the teachings. Check out the tab, "This Moon" for a summary of each month's Clan Mother, then purchase the book and see if it's something you would like to sit with other folks and discuss. There is no obligation to attend each month, and both men and women are welcome to attend. (The Truth does not have a gender preference!) We will gather the first Thursday of each month from 6:30 - 8. 
  There you have it, a welcome to 2017 and to the creation of whatever your heart desires. It is our hope to help you gain clarity by becoming aware of the manner in which your head and heart communicate. That's about it for now. Whatever you wish for your year, let's make 2017 one to remember! 

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