Fall into Autumn

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  It is officially the Fall season! Time for farmers to gather their crops, gardeners to clean up and prepare the ground for Winter's rest, and an opportunity for each of us to take inventory of our abundance. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year as the busyness of spring and summer culminate into the harvesting of the growing season. Sweatshirts, bonfires, cool nights and the blazing colors of leaves offer one the opportunity to truly appreciate the richness of nature's beauty. 
  Some approach Fall as a reminder Winter is just around the corner and therefore, miss the opportunity to fully appreciate the settling into the quiet, peaceful season of Winter.  It seems to me Fall gives everyone a chance to begin the process of slowing down physical activities and welcome in the retreat into our homes. With Fall comes the opportunity to slow our pace to one that allows us to "stay put" and complete projects that have gathered on our work benches for a "stay at home" day. 
  For this lady, I am most grateful for the approaching beauty of Autumn that helps my body and heart know there's a slowing down just around the corner, and, that there will be more opportunity to get back to things I love to do in the peaceful serenity of my home. Yep, this Yankee loves the change of seasons and the constant reminder that everything is constantly growing, dying off and regrowing into whatever I choose life to be. It warms my heart to know that if things seem boring, all I have to do is dream something new and Earth Mother offers me the opportunity to change and shift whatever needs moved or given away, to be presented to someone else who just may be seeking what has already served me. Here's to Autumn and the "Falling" away of things in order for new dreams, experiences and adventures to be created!

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