The Dragonfly

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Recently, a friend of mine has been dreaming about a picture being auctioned for charity by a sorority to which she belongs. She has loved hummingbirds for most of her life and this painting was of one. The other day she shared how very much she wants that painting for her home. As my other friend and I were listening to her speak so passionately about the painting, my friend asked her where she would place it in her home. The friend wanting the picture quickly responded she did not know since she had not hung any of the pictures currently in her house.

It was so delightful to watch her realize this would be her very first picture to hang in her home. It is a joy to witness someone claiming a "first," even if it's merely hanging a picture! After all, this is not just "some" picture, this is one that holds great meaning to her. Within just a few seconds, she quickly identified the "spot," and shared with us where it would be.

Today she called and said the picture also had a dragonfly with the hummingbird, and she had just hung a dragonfly figure beside the entrance door to her house.  She knew there had to be some significance to that, so she called me to ask what medicine the dragonfly carried.

She was thrilled to learn the dragonfly carries the energy to burst through illusions. That whatever belief you have that is limited, outdated, or simply doesn't "fit,"can be carried away with the dragonfly. It was amazing to realize that this painting she loved so much, carried the message that when you break through the illusions in your life, you find your true JOY (which is the medicine of the hummingbird.) As a healer, she was "over-the-top" excited about what has entered her life. She broke her back less than three months ago and has been given the opportunity to be idle so her dreams can become very clear. Now, at the perfect time, she has realized what the past three months have been all about.

What a gift artist give to us, and what a gift, those willing to truly "see" happening in their life give to world! May the dragonfly enter your life to help you burst through your illusions so the Joy may enter the world, one person at a time, and it can begin with you!

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Sunday Gratitudes

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While writing in my journal this morning, something very important jumped off the pages. Anyone who knows me will tell you I look for the positives in every situation. Granted, sometimes it takes some searching, but, it does work. One can always find something they can glean from the experience that will help them stay focused on what is working, rather than what is not working. This morning was no exception. 

What was realized this morning was how very fortunate we are to live in the United States. With all the hubbub about our differences, politically speaking, what is splattered all over the media is who is "right" and who is "wrong," regarding social, economic, and spiritual concerns. Elections have a way of bringing up our differences and putting them "on trial" for all of us to pick who's "right" and who's "wrong."

This morning I was reminded how blessed we all are to live in a country that allows such free expression. How marvelously open we are to speaking about our differences; and, when all is said and done, most in this country are open to listening to the various views. Oh, sure we get "fired up" about views completely opposite from our personal ones; however, consider how fortunate we are to be able to have them openly discussed. Many countries do not have such freedoms.

So, consider the blessings we have when someone begins speaking about their views that are strongly different from our own and remember how fortunate we are to live in a country where we are not physically punished for such openness. Hopefully realizing that will give us the opportunity to step back and move away from the emotions of the differences and really listen with an open heart. Every view represents something someone feels in their heart, and listening from that perspective may allows us to "hear" them differently. We may not agree, and that's perfectly fine, but at least we can realize it's another perspective someone has that's different than ourselves. It does not mean one of us is "right" and the other "wrong," it's comes from a place of two different ways of seeing things in life. Somewhere in the middle common ground can be found. 

In this country, we have the personal freedom to accept their views as their views, rather than personal differences that can often create strive. It is one of the most precious freedoms we have in this country - the right to choose - and it is based on our individual beliefs. Just as importantly, people are taking a stand when what is spoken from a heart lacks love and respect, and, they are having an influence on bringing change to such unloving actions. As we move in this direction, there will be more peace among us, rather than animosity based on wanting to be "right." Instead, we will are given an opportunity to come from compassion - now how tremendously uplifting is that! I am so very grateful to live in such a country!

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Top 'o the Morning!

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It's a gloriously beautiful Sunday morning as spring nudges ever so close to being here. This is the week to "officially" celebrate one of my ancestors - The Irish! This part of my heritage is very near and dear to my heart; I suppose because they loved nature and saw the sacredness of All Creation! What I also respect of the that marvelous "emerald island," is the way in which they honor their heritage, old structures, simplicity of life, and the culturally rich stories. There are so many amazing teachings in their story telling, and their genuine appreciation for gathering at the local "pub," offers even more evidence of their commitment to the old tradition of supporting each other as a community!

Truly, my heart is grateful for the recognitions given to the old stories of the "wee people," significance of the contributions provided through the feminine, along with the resiliency of spirit that brings every living thing (including humans) through adversity. They are a proud, humble people who stand by their traditions and each other. Truly, my heart is grateful to carry the memories and stories of my ancestors who walked this earth well before I was a "sparkle" in my Father's eye! 

So, let us lift our glasses in the air and celebrate the simple and strong ways of a courageous people. If you would like to do that with others, join us on Thursday evening, March 15 at 6:00 p.m. as we Gathering at my home to re-member the sacredness in All Our Relations.    Slainte,
(to your health)

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