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Let's chat about life...Everyone has a vision...a place within their heart that directs their actions. The purpose of this blog site is to provide a place where individuals can come to consider that 'place'.

We have become a world very disconnected from our heart space. The emphasis of our society today is on doing, producing, climbing up toward 'something'. Most generally, that 'something' is based on material objects secured by money. Of recent I have heard many people talking about being tired of doing a job that does not feed their soul; hence they are relying on others, credit cards, and/or the government to provide for their basic needs.

Little wonder such thoughts are streaming through our heads and being heard from our mouths for the distribution of wealth, and the emphasis on material possessions reigns as the 'golden ring' of achievement.

What I know to be true is wealth and money does, indeed, make life more 'accessible'--however, it does not secure happiness and feed our soul. Our heart center has become a distant friend with whom we seldom spend time....hence we 'feel' that void and nothing we purchase can 'fill' that space. So, let us begin this journey with curiosity and a sense of adventure as we take a step toward who we really are undefined by what we have accomplished or obtained.

Let us begin the journey from our 'head mind' the place in which we have been taught to rule our life and move toward our heart center where our true nature resides.

Check out the additional tabs and post your comments, experiences, questions in the space below. It would help if you begin by putting the Tab name you are addressing...ex. Healing: (then begin your comments). From my heart to yours, Vicky

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