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    A new cycle is in front of us and last year is a memory behind us. That is, unless your credit card statement reminds you of 2011! The time for making resolutions has passed, although, for many of us, our visions for 2012 have yet to be listed. Some of us find ourselves solidly in January with no set "goals" or visions for the year. If we really want to co-create our lives, it is good to set aside a day to establish goals and visions. We do not have to just do that in January, sometimes the best time is when we are confronting something we would prefer to do differently. Day after day we are inundated with choices. Whether to take the same route to work, what to wear, where to go, how long to stay, who to ask to accompany us. There are hundreds of choices everyday whether we realize it or not. Sometimes we think if we do not make a choice, we are ok; however, not making a choice is making a choice!
    Sometimes we seem to be on auto-pilot moving through life on the wave of whatever is happening at the moment. It's good to stay in the present, to pay attention to what's directly in front of us, however just as important  is to know where we are going, what we want to see happen, how we plan to get there and who we choose to be at our side.
    There is a balance to life, and finding that point takes being responsible for your actions. That, of course, means knowing what you want so you recognize it when it is put in front of you. To aimlessly move with the whims of life seems to indicate a lack of purpose. To know your purpose for life you need to know what you want. So take time to get clear about what you want for 2012, write it down, draw a picture, paste pictures/words on a poster board, do something that puts your hopes and dreams for the year in front of you each day. It is a great way to remember your purpose. Then, when confronted with situations, you can ask yourself, "What choice do I need to make to get me toward my goal (or vision, or whatever word you choose to describe your dream for your life.)" Doing this gives you direction, which then helps you feel like you are "in charge" of your life. You cannot always get precisely what you want at the moment in which you want it, but you can be guaranteed, that if you keep your focus on your goals and continue paying attention to what is in front of you, you will get there at exactly the perfect moment! Now there's something to think about for 2012.

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