Co-Creating a Life

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  As I consider how quickly June is moving toward July, I am reminded how life flows in the same manner. We get up each day, do whatever routine we have to get prepared for a new day, then go about completing the tasks on our magical "list!" As we check mark what is completed, we add to the list something else that gets our attention. At the end of the day we gather our "tools," head home with thoughts of what we will make for dinner, what needs attention in the evening in order to prepare to snuggle into our beds to rest, get up the next day and start the process all over again. It is an endless stream of "to-do's!"
  As the sunny days of June warm our bodies, the dreams we squirreled away in winter often nudge us into action. With the excitement of outdoor activities, family gatherings, vacations and the endless stream of weeds in both our yard and gardens, we often find ourselves remembering the simpler times of our youth. Maybe it's the soreness of muscles we haven't used all winter, but memories of the long days of summer activities filled with Popsicles, bike riding, swimming holes, ice cream trucks fireflies, and the surprise rashes from the abundance of poison ivy all remind us of the carefree times of youth.  Sweaty, sunburn bodies remind those of us that live in the north to cease the moment! 
  As we move into the fullness of summer, July brings the thrill of fireworks, picnics and the warmth in our hearts that comes from being reminded what a privilege it is to live in a free country. May the closing of June move each of us to a place that really truly allows us to take the time to pause and reflect on what our thoughts, words and actions add to the world. Let's be honest, talks cheap, it is easy to point the finger at the person who talks the loudest; however, it is in the quiet, subtle, often overlooked actions of those that truly desire peace to really bring to light the realization that we DO co-create life. IF we want more peace, we have to be more peaceful within ourselves and through our actions. IF we truly respect our nation, it will be evidenced in how we talk about our leaders, our neighbors, ourselves. 
  Here's a challenge for the remainder of June, take the time to put on your to-do list some specific things you can do to make your community what you want to see our nation be, and then make a commitment to do your best to check those things off your list each day. I will wager those that take this challenge will find July an even more heart-felt month. 

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