The 13 Original Clan Mothers

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From: "The 13 Original Clan Mothers," by Jamie Sams

First, the Truth is the Truth, sometimes what we know to be true may, in reality be what we were taught to believe is true. These amazing teachers will help you discover the Truth! Scroll down to the month's teaching you would like to know more about.


Thursday closest to the Full Moon: March 1, April 26, May 24, June 28, July 26, August 23, Sept. 20, Oct. 25, November 15, Dec. 20.

And a new Cycle begins:

January – Talks with Relations – Learning the Truth

Talks with Relations teaches us that if we are to truly learn the Truth, we must open ourselves to the vast worlds within worlds that make up all of Creation. Talks to Relations is the aspect of Earth Mother that contains a seeking mind, a willingness to learn, and an understanding of the rhythm of each life form or area of Earth being viewed.

Any time we find a feather, a stone, a flower, or a shell with the color orange in it, that specific sister or brother can teach us lessons about making relatives, right relationship, respect and/or kinship with all of life. Through learning the truths found in every life form within the Planetary Family, we are given the opportunity to see the similarities between us. When we accept that everything in our world is alive, we are able to access the parts of ourselves that have become numbed or deadened, in order to heal and revive our own aliveness.

Questions to ponder:

Every life form has a sacred space and a rhythm ….

What or where is your Sacred space?    
Describe your sacred rhythm and/or sound.     
If you could “talk” to a creature of this planet, what would it be and what would you chat about?

February Wisdom Keeper - Honoring the Truth

Wisdom Keeper is the Historian of all Earth records and she teaches us how to develop the Self through honoring the truth in all things. She reminds us to go beyond cultural traditions or human stories and listen to the stone beings; for they hold all the history of Earth Mother. 

Wisdom Keeper  also honors the truth as it is seen from each person's Sacred Point of View because all individuals experience life's events in a different manner.  It is in this appreciation for the diversity in every sacred being on this planet, that Wisdom Keeper teaches us how to notice the similarities among all things. 

This Clan Mother teaches us that anything we have ever experienced can be pulled from our memory bank and used to support us in our life lessons. She pays attention to detail and show us how those remembered details can be used as guidelines to hone our ability to simply be present in any given moment. When we do this, we are not lost in worrying about the past or the future; therefore, we are able to learn the Art of Expansion through Self-development.

Questions to Ponder:

Have you noticed a stone,  favorite tree or some other form in area that seems to get your attention every time you are around it? 
If your answer is "yes," the next time you are in that form's area, sit quietly, breathe deeply, then ask what it has to tell you. Be mindful to not "think" about what you hear, smell, feel, simply observe the interaction.
The next time you feel confused or unclear about something, find a sturdy tree in your yard and sit with you back against. Breathe evenly, smell the air and watch your body relax. 

Now document in some form what you experience! There is great wisdom waiting to assist! 

March – Weighs the TruthAccepting the Truth

This Clan Mother is the fair judge of human rights, the Keeper of Equality and the Guardian of Justice. She does not judge our actions by bestowing punishment but rather teaches us the principles of Divine Law. The actions we take are based on our decisions, rather then circumstances from outside influences. It is our responsibility to accept the consequences that result from our choices.

Weighs the Truth teaches us that we do not need to focus on what is weak or wrong with us but rather on what is strong and right with us. To do this is to feed the shadow side of our nature by being critical of others and ourselves. Divine Law will bring life abundant to All Our Relations if we feed our goodness and starve the shadow that is fed by old pain.

Questions to ponder:

What does it mean to take responsibility for your actions? 
Are there actions for which you need to take responsibility for rather then blaming someone else? If so, list them and beside each write down some possible actions you can take to make responsibility. 
Take some time to write about your “shadow side.” When you are finished, take some time to be grateful for what you have learned from the experience. Remember, most of our negative actions are based on old wounds that need to be healed. That is only possible when the wound is wrapped with love!

If you want to learn more about fair actions to correct a wrong deed, read the story shared by Weighs the Truth in The 13 Original Clan Mothers book. It is heart warming.

April Looks Far WomanSeeing the Truth in all colors

Looks Far Woman is the Doorkeeper of the Crack in the Universe and the Golden Door of Illumination that leads to all other dimensions of awareness. She carries the Medicine of Prophecy making her a Seer, Dreamer and a visionary. With her assistance we can develop trust in our ability to trust our impressions, dreams, visions and feelings, as they exist within our core.

With Looks Far Woman’s assistance we can see the Truth in all of our experiences and learn to fine-tune the gift of second sight by discerning when visions are true prophecy or simply a probability.  She shows us how to observe each opportunity, knowing when to follow that path and when to choose another road. Looks Far Woman further teaches us the lesson of respecting the boundaries of another and that it is not ok to look into another person’s Sacred Space without their permission.

Questions to ponder:

How do you recognize the Truth in your experiences?
Do you trust your inner knowing? And, how do you discern what is true?
When do your dreams and visions most often come to you?
Have you walked through the Crack in the Universe and entered the Golden Door of Illumination? What did you experience?
If you could dream your life into reality, what is one thing (or more) you would like to see more of? 
Call to Looks for Woman when you are ready to move to the next level of being a sacred human being.

May - Listening Woman - Hear the Truth

Listening Woman enters each May full moon to assist those seeking an answer. She teaches us how to enter the silence and really listen! Beyond our mind chatter is a place filled with great wisdom. To access that infinite wisdom one must be develop the gift of discernment. This gift is developed by being willing to "talk less and listen more!" 

Listening Woman will show the brave seeker ways s/he tends to ignore or cut off the voice of another person that may have a valuable teaching for us. She helps us see that being willing to listen to the truth about oneself when it is delivered with loving compassion is a great talent and can heal old wounds. 

She is the Guardian of introspection and offers a deeper understanding of how that deeper knowing existed long before humans developed speech. It was a time when humans had to really observe the speaker, watch and note expressions, then move to a place of deeper awareness to connect with the "voice of another's heart. 

For true listening to occur we must first learn to listen to our body and to others with respect. Then and only then can we really listen to nature so we can clearly hear and interpret the unspoken message of the natural world. And, most importantly, we can develop the skill to hear the voices of our ancestors and the wisdoms they have to share. 

Some questions for your consideration:

Am I comfortable in complete silence? And, if I am not, why is that?
When someone is speaking to me, is my mind busy trying to think of a response or answer?
When I truly feel someone has heard my heart, how has that felt? 

And, what specially did they do that made me feel they really heard the meaning behind my words?

June - Storyteller - Speak the Truth

Storyteller teaches us to have faith, be humble, and stay young at heart by keeping our innocence intact. She teaches us to Speak the Truth by, speaking from our heart, and saying what we mean in a truthful, clear, and concise manner. 

Storyteller is the pathfinder who shows us the faith we need to find our way through the illusory facets of our own confusion. She teaches us the importance of using humor to dispel our fears and balance sacredness with an "irreverence." When we can laugh at our humanness and attempts to preserve our limitations, we conquer self-created "demons" that bind us to high drama and constant upheaval . . . we certainly need her teachings on this topic in our world today!

Finally, Storyteller teaches us that through listening to others we can gain a different perspective for living life, and that to be an effective listener we must learn to listen without offering advice or judging the one talking. Furthermore, she teaches that when we are unable to speak the Truth, we often project our lies and illusions inside our woundedness to the nearest human reflection or situation we find. Wow, those are some very powerful words!

Some questions for your consideration:

When was the last time you laughed at the silliness you find yourself repeating in your life?

And, when was the last time you shared a story from your life to help someone realize they are not the only one confronting challenging situations? (There is an art to telling a story about your life that can assist someone without pointing a finger. )

July Loves All Things Loving the Truth

Loves All Things is the Keeper of Sexual Wisdom and she shows us that "every action of physical life is as sacred as our spiritual growth because they are the same." She teaches that every act we take during this earth walk is a sacred expression of who we are; therefore, she asks that everything we do is done with a happy heart!

She is the guardian of Unconditional Love and is connected to Grandfather Sun; for just as the Sun shines on everything without withholding warmth or life-giving energy, so we must love the same. "Healing and growth may take many cycles of the Medicine Wheel (years on earth) but she is willing to love us unconditionally through all the Rites of Passages until we love ourselves enough to break the patters of self-induced slavery."

Love, Respect and Intimacy are the sacred bond for healthy and happy relationships.  It begins within, for you can only give to others what you give to yourself! Forgiveness is the key that opens the door to the human heart! Through loving the self and through forgiveness, healing the heart's hurts can take place. When one is willing to forgive the self, it is much easier to forgive others!

Some questions for consideration:

Get a piece of paper and write down your understanding or definition of: Love, Respect and Intimacy, (leave some space for the second part!) 
Next, write down specific examples of how you show each of these sacred bond qualities to yourself, then to others. 

August - She Who Heals Serves the Truth 

She Who Heals teaches us about the cycles of: gestation, birth, growth, death and rebirth. She is connected to the healing plants, roots and all things green and growing. Her color is Blue which represents intuition, truth, water and feelings.

She teaches us how to accept death whether it is the end of a relationship, a job or the end of a physical life. She held us see beyond the illusion of finality and, instead, "celebrate each turn in the road as another step that leads to wholeness."

Some questions for consideration:

What is being birthed or brought into your life?
What is dying, or leaving your life to make room for this new growth?
If it seems nothing is being birthed or leaving your life at this time, Is there something you would like to see change? If yes, describe what that is in your journal, or share with a friend.

September Setting Sun Woman - Live the Truth

Setting Sun Woman sits in the West direction, the “looking within” place. She teaches us how to use the abilities of concern, dependability, nurturing, inner knowing, achievements and goals when we take the time to be still and listen. As the guardian of unborn generations, she teaches us how to use only what we need and to respect and appreciate the sacredness of using every part anything we harvest. She teaches us how to find our personal truth in the darkness inside ourselves in order to discern which visions to bring to the world in a manifested form.

“This discovery of worlds within worlds teaches us that we are not our bodies, but that we are vast beings and that our bodies exist inside of the limitless space of our Orenda,” (our sacred selves.) We must be grateful for all that we have learned and let go of the past into order to reconnect to our Orenda (sacred selves.)

Some questions to consider:

How often do you set in complete stillness?
When you are in the stillness, what senses (smell, taste, sight, sounds) do you notice?
Are there experiences from your past that need to be “brought to the light,” in order for you to actually see what you learned from the situation?

Now see how many gratitude’s you can say out loud in 30 seconds. When you are done write them down.

October – Weaves the Web – Working with the Truth

Weaves the Web teaches us how to use our hands to create beauty and truth and to bring our ideas and dreams into the physical world. Through our hands we show our willingness to be of service to “All Our Relations.”

She is the Keeper of Life Force and Mother of the Creative and Destructive principles. She teaches us when and how to recycle limitations into ways that bring forth new ways. As the Keeper of Survival Instincts, Weaves the Web shows us how to tap into the life force to grow beyond our fears of failure and lack. We turn to her when we need the skills to make our dreams real! Read the story, “Webs” in the book, Head to Heart Talks: Rediscovering Your Authentic Self, for more understanding of her gifts.

You may turn to Weaves the Web when you need the skills to make your dreams real. Giving birth to our dreams is always accomplished by having the desire to create, deciding to create and taking the actions necessary.

Questions to ponder:

What specific desires would you like to create?
What actions are necessary to accomplish your desires?
What is a reasonable time frame you would like to give yourself for each?

Now, call to Weaves the Web and pay attention!

November – Walks Tall Woman – Walking the Truth

Walks Tall Woman teaches us how to Walk Our Talk by leading through example instead of insisting that others simply follow the leader. She also teaches us how to be proud of our accomplishments through self-esteem, not self-importance.

“When we walk with truth, there is no need to fear what others think of us. Reputation is based upon integrity and inner knowing, not on the opinions of others, who may be jealous or insecure about themselves.”

Walks Tall Woman is the Guardian of Leadership and Keeper of New Pathways. She shows us how to do our personal best and explore all our options by using innovation. She teaches us how to keep our eyes on the goal, our feet on the path, and the truth in our hearts, never waiting for another to do it for us.

Questions to ponder:

What is your definition of integrity?
Think of someone you know who has personal integrity. Now, list specifically, the traits and qualities they have that shows integrity.
Honestly look at yourself and answer these questions: What traits and qualities do you possess that show personal integrity? And, what behaviors need to be “refined?”

If you are seeking to develop and enhance your personal integrity, call to Walks Tall Woman this month and then, pay attention, pay attention, pay attention!

December – Gives Praise – Giving Thanks for the Truth

Gives Praise teaches us how to be grateful for everything we experience in life, and that when we return thanks for all Creator has given us; we are shown how to make space in our lives for future abundance. When we show the Creator that we are thankful for all that life gives, we are completing the circle of blessings we have received.

The twelfth Clan Mother shows humankind that magic is no more than a change in consciousness. Right attitude and a change of heart create miracles in people’s lives. As the Wheel of Life turns, tangible results always follow thoughts. Negative thoughts and fears will magnetize difficult life lessons. This Clan Mother teaches us that being grateful for the Truth found in our lives gives us the right attitudes and produces miraculous healing and new paths to follow. She is the Giver of Encouragement.

Questions to Ponder:

What are the things in your life for which you are most grateful? Take a piece of paper and pen and without thinking about it, simply allow your fingers to write a list.
In a 15-minute period of time, what are your thoughts? Sit in the quietness, take a few deep breaths and pay attention to your thoughts. As you hear them in your head, quietly say, “Having a thought about ….” When the 15 minutes is over, carefully examine the thoughts that rambled through you head.
What did you learn about your thoughts?
Finally, the next time you are with someone talking to you about a concern, observe the words you use while speaking with him or her. Observe whether you words are encouraging and uplifting or adding to the person’s situation.

The balance of Giving and Receiving is kept when we are grateful for all things!

13th Clan Mother – Becomes Her Vision – Become the Truth

She is the “Mother of Change,” the Guardian of All Cycles of Transformation and carries the clear crystal that reflects a rainbow of color. Becomes Her Vision teaches us how to go through every lesson and cycle of transformation in order to spiritually evolve.  She shows us the importance of staying on our chosen paths and not being drawn into the limiting illusions that could destroy our personal visions. Becomes Her Vision is a compilation of qualities possessed by all the Clan Mothers, thusly, she offers us insights as to how to see all of our live experiences, loving and unloving, as teachers guiding us along our earth walk. Every time we transform, becoming our visions, we are then shown a new vision and a more expansive point of view. The spiral of the evolving spirit continues to take us from one level of understanding to the next Medicine Wheel of experience and is eternal.

Questions to ponder:

*As you conclude this calendar year, what are some things it is time to “give away” so that you can lighten your load going into the New Year?
*Sit quietly and consider what it is time to bring forth in the New Year?
*Now, sit in the stillness and ask your heart what vision it has. When you have answered the questions above, write them down and put the list in a place you can see everyday.

Call to Becomes Her Vision to help you bring forth the visions of your heart, her song of wholeness reminds us: “You are, the moment you decide to BE.”

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