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Let's chat about life...Everyone has a vision...a place within their heart that directs their actions. The purpose of this blog site is to provide a place where individuals can come to consider that 'place'.

We have become a world very disconnected from our heart space. The emphasis of our society today is on doing, producing, climbing up toward 'something'. Most generally, that 'something' is based on material objects secured by money. Of recent I have heard many people talking about being tired of doing a job that does not feed their soul; hence they are relying on others, credit cards, and/or the government to provide for their basic needs.

Little wonder such thoughts are streaming through our heads and being heard from our mouths for the distribution of wealth, and the emphasis on material possessions reigns as the 'golden ring' of achievement.

What I know to be true is wealth and money does, indeed, make life more 'accessible'--however, it does not secure happiness and feed our soul. Our heart center has become a distant friend with whom we seldom spend time....hence we 'feel' that void and nothing we purchase can 'fill' that space. So, let us begin this journey with curiosity and a sense of adventure as we take a step toward who we really are undefined by what we have accomplished or obtained.

Let us begin the journey from our 'head mind' the place in which we have been taught to rule our life and move toward our heart center where our true nature resides.

Check out the additional tabs and post your comments, experiences, questions in the space below. It would help if you begin by putting the Tab name you are addressing...ex. Healing: (then begin your comments). From my heart to yours, Vicky


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    Musings: Am learning as I go..grateful to Vickie DeWitt for her expertise!

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    It is 'bump day' at the Track. Hmm, that's something none of us be 'replaced' by someone 'better, stronger, faster, prettier' and yet we all have to face our limitations. There are those that do things 'more improved, quicker, etc', that certainly does not lessen our worth. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we could simply view others are more proficient, experienced, or simply naturally gifted in some aspects then we are? Who knows, maybe they have worked diligently and trained more extensively then we did! It certainly would lessen the pressure to be 'better' then someone else...especially considering it makes someone 'less' then us! Winners/losers....a contrast we need to refine in order to teach our young ones how to use this to find their strengths...not weaknesses! What a beautiful day...whatever you choose to do with it!

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    Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

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    The nature of things...
    A teaching from the small winged ones.
    My friend and I went to a retreat center in the woods of Morgantown to walk the labyrinths. While waiting on my friend, I stood barefoot enjoying the wet grass, sun on my back and the sounds of a beautiful morning....I love my life...I am in perfect balance and everything within me and surrounding me is in perfect being...SWAT AT A BUG...this is an incredible morning and life...I love my husband...SWAT A BUG...I am blessed to have...SWAT..loving, giving friends..SWAT exciting to be going on ...SWAT SWAT SWAT...a have...SWAT..time SWAT SWAT SWAT...ok I am trying to be "spiritual" here..leave me alone..SWAT SWAT...Creator said "well then move. Why would you just stand there and be irritated with life? Do something." And so I did. I took exactly five steps forward and no more SWATTING. That was all it took. I am remembering that even the smallest of actions can change the entire situation or the energy.
    Creator I am grateful for all the creators of this earth that share their wisdom in such a fun, beautiful way. May we all continue to see and feel their love and give our love to them in return.

  1. Anonymous Says:

    A Pilots Way
    When I was first learning to fly, my instructors started with the mechanics..the angle of attack, pressure, nose up, nose down....all the mind stuff. Rules, regulations, this and that. But looking back, I really started to learn to fly when I was in middle school. My Papaw asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up and I told him "I want to be a pilot". I quickly looked around to see who had said that. My mind said "What?" My heart knew exactly and in that moment declared it loud and proud. My mind and society created doubt and a few bumps in the road but I know my heart held steady or I wouldn't be where I am today...flying airplanes all over the world. I am reminded of that today while telling those doubts and the sneaky voice that sometimes occupies space in my mind to "ZIP IT". My heart knows what it truly wants and I support it by holding steady to my true course.
    The Valley Drive House will sell by the end of summer!!!!
    With love and gratitude.

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    The Nature of Things
    My friend and I decided to put out a garden this year in a spot that my family has gardened many years in the past. We planted the seeds, the intentions and dreams for our lives, at the same place where my grandfather planted his seeds, his wonderful is that!!! And while tending to the weeds, those being who sometimes come to close and try to squeeze out the space for growth, I noticed a few plants in our garden that we had not planted this year. I wonder...where these dreams and intentions planted last year or from years past when my grandfather was dreaming his life into being? Sometimes our dreams and intentions take "longer" than we want to manifest but surely they always do.....

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