The Frost is on the pumpkin!

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  What a "warm" and colorful time of year for those of us that live in the North. This morning the first wave of cold weather has  blown in and left a blanket of frost on the land. Like covering a loved one who sleeps with a cozy blanket, so the cold north winds nestle the land with a protective cover to ensure a good rest. 
  After months of heat, lawn mowers, playful old and young people tromping around with such games as corn hole, horse shoes, and the likes, it is time for all that grows to rest. And, so, we humans who enjoy the beauty of summer with colorful flowers and bountiful gardens speak our gratitude to the land for the rich abundance provided. It is time to trim back the withering flowers, dispose of garden remnants, gather the branches and twigs collected from the spring storms and invite friends over for a night under the stars! With summer insects gone, it is time for hot dogs, brats, s'mores, burnt marshmallows and lots of stories about summer adventures and winter dreams to fill the air. 
  With Grandfather Sun beginning his ascent I can actually see his rays burning away the thin layer of our first frost. My heart is full of excitement for the golden yellows, burnt oranges, brilliant reds and warm rich browns that will intensify as a result of this first frost! What a truly amazingly rich and diverse planet we inhabit as the frost on the pumpkin heralds in a time of such beauty to those of us that love the North!


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