Politically correct 2

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  I am wondering some more about this phrase, "politically correct." I heard one of the candidates for president boast about not having the time to worry with being politically correct. He followed his comment with a list of things that need to be given immediate attention, one of which was to deal with mentally ill people. In the same breath he continued, "these "sickos" need to be given attention." Hmm! I guess he was out of time that he went from "mentally ill," to "sicko." It seems to me this man confuses political correctness with Respect. All one really has to do is ask him/herself if the word they are about to use to describe someone would be something they would like their mother, father, brother, sister, son, daughter, etc, to be called. I say, let's save time by choosing the word "respect" over "politically correct." It just might make our world a more peaceful place rather then one where we have to defend every word we say. 


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