The Mist

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There's a mist hanging over the Lake; the home across the water looks hidden by a frosted film. While I know exactly how the home looks, every detail of Holiday decorations that adorn this view of the home; it's as though my glasses need cleaned. Just beyond the home the mountains are just as shadows behind the low hanging clouds. Interesting how what I know is so very clear seems....unclear. Hmm, very much like life can be. The visual in front of me is a perfect example that I can strain my eyes and make out the lights, yet if I want to be kind to my eyes, all I really have to do is notice the tall trees directly in front of the window. They are very clear and need no straining to observe the various shades and shapes of bark.

I am grateful for the reminder that sometimes things can appear quite clear and other times not so clear; either way they remain the same. It's really my perspective that is influenced by what I choose to focus on. Hmm, there it is again, a teaching that what I see and receive in life is based on what I'm focusing on! It's always about my personal responsibility to acknowledge that what I "see" is what I am looking for!


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