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A partially frozen lake, snow covered ground, blue skies dotted with white clouds and a home gloriously decorated for the holidays are a few of the sites outside the living room window in front of me. Living room window; let me describe's an entire wall of glass exposing all of outdoors. It's like living in a very large tree house! There are tall pines reaching toward the heavens, and a large green holly tree splattered with red berries adds color to the blanket of snow on the ground in front of the cabin. It's like a picture from a Holiday Greeting card! As smoke curves upward from the chimney of the house directly across the lake, a large green wreath hangs above the picture window. There's a gazebo to the right of the house that sits just off the water between two very tall and green pines. The mountains behind the house have two curved peaks such that it looks as though the bosom of Mother Earth is rising.

There are so many marvelous places on this planet, so many amazing formations it fills my eyes with tears to know I have the privilege of being here. A mother deer and her two baby fawns were just outside the massive windows as they searched the ground for food. I stood there staring at them until "Mama" finally caught sight of me; then the three of them left. This is a picturesque place. The lady who owns this home had it built as a gift to your children when she passes. She has been very ill for a number of years and as a result has examined her life and taken action to live it and leave it precisely as she chooses.

There's something very important in that message. Wouldn't it be nice to live your life as though your days were numbered? Not from a fearful position; rather, as one who appreciates every single moment. As the Holidays become full throttle, consider examining your gifts. It matters not what form you choose to acknowledge the Creator of the universe, what is important is you acknowledge there is something greater then yourself, behind the scenes, listening to your prayers. May this Holiday provide you ample opportunity to pray carefully and sincerely. Then like the lady who built this home, you can take action toward living your life as though it was your last day. I, for one, am choosing that for my life!


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