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It is an interesting time on this planet, alot of people are talking about all the negativity, corruption, unethical behaviors, and the other such "energy zapping" actions.  It makes one wonder if anyone can be trusted and how we can know for certain whether they can be? It has been said you can tell a person by their character, and we all know there are many "characters" asking us to trust them.  It is my understanding there are 3 main traits by which to observe a person's character, their trustworthiness, and that is: 1. every thing they think, 2. everything they say and 3. everything they do all matches.  That is to say, their actions back up their words.  And, of course, the old say, "as a man thinketh so he will be" (or something like that.) What that means is a person's actions show how they think about life, what is important, and how they feel about themselves and the world around them.  In order to learn how to discern if someone is trustworthy, we must listen, step back and observe.  Now the observation part can get tricky, because it is not our place to "judge" someone.  However, the difference between judging someone and observing them is their actions.  There are alot of people espousing truths, theories, ideas, and yet their lives show the contrary to what they say they believe.

We all have a value system that helps us determine what feels "right" in our life...solid principles by which we live.  It matters not whether people agree with us, what matters is whether we are content with our actions. Let's make this personal, Do you like what you see in the mirror?  Are you someone you would like to spend time with? In my opinion, it would be marvelous if everyone focused on creating more peace, harmony, contentment in the world; however, I know people who enjoy chaos, turmoil and unrest...and the media feeds that need.  In order to keep your life in alignment with what you hold true and dear, you must learn how to use good discernment.  Observing someones actions and deciding whether it matches what you wish to "feed" in the world gives you the opportunity to step back and make a choice.  All too often people try to change someone else to bring them into alignment with their own values.  To do this is to disrespect what that person came here to do.  Perhaps the person who is opposite your values came here teach you how to develop discernment skills? If you are trying to change someone else, you are wasting alot of precious time and energy that could be better served for you and someone else with similar values. 

It all begins with looking first at yourself.  Does what you think, say and do match?  If it does, then you can be confident you have the ability to step back and observe the other person's behavior based on their actions and not as being a judge and jury.  Then you can discern whether what you see will be in alignment with your values; that's to say, what core qualities you cherish and hold dear will bring more of what you want in your life.  It is interesting how discernment brings a sense of responsibility full circle back to YOU, because when what you think, say and do matches, you cannot blame someone else, or make excuses for your actions.  Instead, you take full responsibility for your life!  That can be pretty scary!  Interesting stuff...and something to think about!


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