The Future

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Had a glimpse at the future generations was an opportunity to witness two couples having fun "exploring!"  We began our journey following a sign that led the way to the trail we had chosen to hike.  Temps were into the 90's today and yet we were cooled by the shade of the community of trees that lined the path.  Some trees were small saplings just beginning their growth into this world, others were very tall and lush from the bountiful display they adored from the rains this spring and warmth from the sun.  Still others had fallen from decay due to age, disease, animals, or maybe it was simply the effects of a cold and snowy winter.  Whatever was the culprit to their breakage, they leaned onto another tree or laid to the ground from sheer exhaustion.  What is marvelous, is seeing how generations of trees reside within the same area, each contributing something to the growth around it. The sapling would not be there if the mature trees did not drop their seeds, and neither would be there if the decayed or aged tree did not fertilize the ground with itself. 

There is a cycle to life, and we often get caught only looking at what seems "sad" or "fearful",or simply a puzzling predictament.  And our current family dynamics do seem something to be concerned about... it is different, it is "opposed" to what most of us know to be for the highest and best good.  There can be no dispute that as a community we do have to pay attention to what we are "feeding" ourselves and our families.  There are things that happen that bring us sadness and concern, especially when it comes to seeing people not respecting themselves, others or life.  It is disconcerting to witness the lack of joy in people's lives because they are more focused on "things" then on what makes their heart sing.  Families seem to be shapeshifting into something unrecognizable to what we know in our own hearts to be a "loving family." However, what I witnessed today reminds me everything has a purpose, the divine flow of all things will be restored.  It may take several seasons to see the rebalancing or restoration after a devastating winter or spring, but with the assistance of the community around it, it will rebalance from the experience. 

The question is, do we realize our thoughts, words and actions are feeding the community? As I see it, there will always be a future, the world will continue to exist, people will continue to have children, elders were slip from their physical body and leave this planet, and what each of us focuses on will contribute to what that community will become.  There really is no need for fear, that's something we humans use to avoid stepping into the power we have....because if we realized what an impact we have on those around us, we might consider our words and actions more carefully.  We might also understand more clearly how those around us influence us and choose who we spend time with more carefully! 

Whether we like it or not, we are interdependent with each other.  We all need people in our lives.  The future is being created by each of us, and collectively we are molding future generations.  I have no doubt it will be just fine, especially if we can get out of the way of trying to "fix-it," and simply enjoy it. How do we do that? We return to our very core that knows there is a divine order, a Creator that knows precisely how and when to allow what needs to happen to rebalance things, and to do the job!  Until then, I'll continue to hike the amazing handwork of our Creator's, get "off the trail", consort with my "buds" and find the path back to where we started with more joy in my heart having spent the time with people I respect and love.  Guess that's the only way I know to help balance the crazymaking that comes from not recognizing and utilizing the gift of God's handwork!  After all, isn't life about the journey, and not necessary the destination?


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