The Dragonfly

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Recently, a friend of mine has been dreaming about a picture being auctioned for charity by a sorority to which she belongs. She has loved hummingbirds for most of her life and this painting was of one. The other day she shared how very much she wants that painting for her home. As my other friend and I were listening to her speak so passionately about the painting, my friend asked her where she would place it in her home. The friend wanting the picture quickly responded she did not know since she had not hung any of the pictures currently in her house.

It was so delightful to watch her realize this would be her very first picture to hang in her home. It is a joy to witness someone claiming a "first," even if it's merely hanging a picture! After all, this is not just "some" picture, this is one that holds great meaning to her. Within just a few seconds, she quickly identified the "spot," and shared with us where it would be.

Today she called and said the picture also had a dragonfly with the hummingbird, and she had just hung a dragonfly figure beside the entrance door to her house.  She knew there had to be some significance to that, so she called me to ask what medicine the dragonfly carried.

She was thrilled to learn the dragonfly carries the energy to burst through illusions. That whatever belief you have that is limited, outdated, or simply doesn't "fit,"can be carried away with the dragonfly. It was amazing to realize that this painting she loved so much, carried the message that when you break through the illusions in your life, you find your true JOY (which is the medicine of the hummingbird.) As a healer, she was "over-the-top" excited about what has entered her life. She broke her back less than three months ago and has been given the opportunity to be idle so her dreams can become very clear. Now, at the perfect time, she has realized what the past three months have been all about.

What a gift artist give to us, and what a gift, those willing to truly "see" happening in their life give to world! May the dragonfly enter your life to help you burst through your illusions so the Joy may enter the world, one person at a time, and it can begin with you!


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