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It's a gloriously beautiful Sunday morning as spring nudges ever so close to being here. This is the week to "officially" celebrate one of my ancestors - The Irish! This part of my heritage is very near and dear to my heart; I suppose because they loved nature and saw the sacredness of All Creation! What I also respect of the that marvelous "emerald island," is the way in which they honor their heritage, old structures, simplicity of life, and the culturally rich stories. There are so many amazing teachings in their story telling, and their genuine appreciation for gathering at the local "pub," offers even more evidence of their commitment to the old tradition of supporting each other as a community!

Truly, my heart is grateful for the recognitions given to the old stories of the "wee people," significance of the contributions provided through the feminine, along with the resiliency of spirit that brings every living thing (including humans) through adversity. They are a proud, humble people who stand by their traditions and each other. Truly, my heart is grateful to carry the memories and stories of my ancestors who walked this earth well before I was a "sparkle" in my Father's eye! 

So, let us lift our glasses in the air and celebrate the simple and strong ways of a courageous people. If you would like to do that with others, join us on Thursday evening, March 15 at 6:00 p.m. as we Gathering at my home to re-member the sacredness in All Our Relations.    Slainte,
(to your health)


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