Honoring Fathers

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    It never ceases to amaze me the ways in which Fathers have changed over the years. In the past, many saw their primary role as "breadwinner," while others wished to be more involved but had no reference point from which to engage. In my sixty-plus years on the planet, Fathers have gone from "Knowing what is best," and being the only parent to work outside the home, to choosing to be fully engaged as a caregiver. It is a welcoming sight to watch these strapping men wrap themselves with a baby carrier and head for the store. What a marvelous sight to behold!
    I guess if women are going to focus on exploring their life outside the perimeters of the home, and choose to focus on careers, it is good to have Fathers picking up the caregiving. Of course, this is not to say women best meet the child's needs by staying at home - in fact, for many that is far from the case. It is simply an interesting observation to see how the focus of caring for children has changed. Afterall, it really does not matter who gives the nurturing, what is important is that at least one of the parents feed that need, and hopefully, both do!
   Nor am I saying women cannot provide nurturing to their children if they work outside the home. That also is completely false! For it is not the "quantity" of affection, rather, it is the "quality" that has the greatest impact. If the primary caregiver does not truly feel called to stay home and care for the child, they cannot and will not provide the unconditional love every child deserves and needs. Therefore, many parents best do this when they find the balance between career and family. Often times a family member, or hired caregiver is best suited to meet these needs. Adults that are happy within their hearts make the best caregivers for they can sincerely give to others what they give to themselves.
    On this Father's day, take a few moments to really look at the Fathers in the world. Or, simply look in your neighborhood and you'll see how important and vital the role of Father is to the children in your community. Both the feminine and masculine create a balanced child. Whether it comes from the Mother or Father does not really matter - what is important is both qualities are honored and present to help a child develop into a healthy adult!


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