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   How much time do you spend in silence? Now might be a good time to consider how often you have complete silence in your day. For some people it would take some contemplating to figure that out. We seem to be flooded with noise from the time the alarm goes off to the last TV show, or computer program we turn off before going to bed. Some people even sleep with the TV going all night!
   There's much that can be learned in the silence. You might be able to really hear that voice in your head that's constantly telling you what needs done, how you messed something up, that you're gaining weight, talking too much, not listening enough, forgot to pay a bill - and the list goes on. Truth is, even IF you have no music or TV going, there's much chattering going on in your head all the time!
   Try this - Take 10 minutes today to sit in complete silence and see what happens. My hunch is you'll be getting up for a note pad and pen so you can write down what your "head" reminds you needs done! It really is very humourous to listen to the rantings of one's head. Our brain is an amazing device that somehow knows what we need even when we are not certain. And as soon as we realize we need it, our head starts running through our options. What a tremendous gift we have to be so guided by an intelligence that never turns off! It is always available, always very eager to offer suggestions, advise, corrections, even if we have not asked! Hmm, sounds like some people I know!
   Silence offers us the opportunity to notice the conversation going on 24/7, and to take note of whether it is our best friend, or worst enemy! So, if you are brave, try sitting in the silence for 10 minutes each morning and each evening and if you are courageous, see if you can get your brain to stop talking for 2 minutes of that time! It will be adventure, I promise you that! Then let us know how it went for you!


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