Setting Sun Woman

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   This Clan Mother teaches how to live the Truth. She guides those willing to listen to that sacred Within Place, the space within our hearts where we really already know the Truth. She helps us develop our skills of dependability, inner knowing, achievements and goals by realizing we are vastly more than our physical bodies! She is a grand teacher on how to live an impeccable life.
   Jamie Sams shares the Seneca teachings bestowed on her by her elders in such a way as to offer treasures at our feet. IF you are ready for your life to be enriched by the Creator's Truth, then by all means purchase her book and watch your life transform. "The 13 Original Clan Mothers," by Jamie Sams, is rich in Truth and if you will follow each month's teaching for one complete year, you WILL notice a deepened awareness of who you truly are.
   With all the searching for answers we humans move through in our lives, the journey can become quite burdensome. We lumber through facts, theories, teachings, and story telling as a way to satisfy our inner searching for meaning. All of that is well and good, and will no doubt add to a deeper understanding of life. I have been such a "student" of the searching soul and I can tell you these teachings will assist you with finding your inner Truth!
    As surely as the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West, the universe awaits our questions. And the answers you find will be felt deep within as an knowing. Trust your gut as you weave through what you hear and observe, and notice how the colors around you become more rich. Truly, when your hearts begin to open, colors intensify, smells are stronger, and your step in life will become lighter.


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