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Dementia is something directly in front of me at this time. I saw my Great Grandfather go through this, then my Grandmother. During that time I do not recall hearing my Mother talk or react much to what was happening. Perhaps it was because I was a young adult absorbed with raising my children. Now that my Mother has dementia, I am learning first-hand the impact it has on those left to care for the person. It is confusing, frustrating, extremely sad, and most definitely an opportunity to be authentic with myself and those in my life.

I have spent most of my life being a "Peace-maker," trying to the best of my ability to uplift others, help them find their strength and to believe in him or herself. During this experience all the "tools" in my medicine bag have seen the light of day multiple times. Every thing I have learned about staying centered, relying on Creator for guidance and dealing with the "shadow side" of myself have been directly "in front of me!" 

Many years ago, my daughter told me she felt dementia (in all the various forms and labels) is really a way for a soul to forget this life so they can move onto the Spirit side. While it was said on a whim, it an was extremely wise and accurate assessment of this "dis-ease." My mother spent most of her life quiet, reserve and grateful for her family. This is not the woman she is today. 

As a mature woman, I find myself learning many things about my Mother that are not pleasant to realize. It is quite discerning to discover personality traits that were obviously hidden all those years and see the consequences of those "secrets." And yet, it is developing my ability to be compassionate. Some of the things have left my heart aching, fired up my "shadow side," and brought forth tears from the frustration of knowing that nothing I do can help. It is a most challenging life event. And one in which I am certain there is much I can share with those that come behind me. Had I a hint of the emotional roller coaster it would bring I could have somehow searched for guidance before I stood in the middle of it. 

So, if any of you have experience with the various forms of dementia, please share them. According to medical findings it is on the rise. While I have no fear of getting dementia, I am taking strides to keep myself in good mental, physical and emotional health. And, I do this more for my children than for me. There are no words to describe the effects it has on those directly caring for the dementia patient, especially if they are a parent. You certainly expand your understanding of unconditional love! 



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