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  I attended a retreat with Anam Thubten at the TMBCC this past weekend. It was, as usual, an amazing and peaceful experience. If you would like to know more about his teachings he has published two books: "No Self, No problem," and "The Magic of Awareness." Both are a quick and easy read while offering profound teachings for those seeking a peaceful life!
  The weekend was packed with wisdom, so I will only share the last words he shared. He was answering questions people wrote down on paper and gave to him. One person asked how he felt about Gandhi's words that we have become so technologically advanced that humanity has stepped backward. (I am recalling how the statement was spoken) Anam simply answered, "Human nature is pure and innocent. It is neither right nor wrong. It is our perspective that interprets."
  Now, how powerful is that? And, if we "sit" in the quietness of our heart, we know that is true. I see our world as changing toward community, compassion. Everywhere I go I see people gathering, sharing, holding benefits, walks, fundraisers for people in need in their community. I see citizens cleaning up their neighborhoods, walking more, enjoying the outdoors. 
  We are so very fortunate to live in this country. All one has to do is look at the evening news and see that much of the world has unrest. So, it seems to me, if we want to help, we need to start in our own home by noticing what is good, loving and above all of value. If we can do that, we contribute to putting more "good vibes" into the ether's and perhaps help those that only believe the world is a mess! Change happens when things are shaken up! Let's see if we can help that "resettling" to be one of hope, peace, community! Good, bad, or ugly, we are in this together! So, the question is, what are YOU contributing?


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