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   I went to Barnes and Nobles yesterday to order a book for my daughter and a male clerk took the order. He seemed quite friendly, had a very pleasant "feel" and was most polite. I could not remember the exact name of the book, so I gave him a few words and he entered them until the title, "The Global Heart Awakens," came up. I promptly affirmed that was the book, to which his smile turned to a frown and he commented something like, "Yeah, like that's going to happen!"
   I watched a very cordial, gentle man turned very skeptical and bitter within seconds as he continued with, "And, I voted for the guy, I thought he would be different and he's not." As his face became red I felt sadness, not anger from him as he continued, "We are about to be in a third war, I thought he was against such things. Well, the other 'guy' would have been the same, so what chose did we really have, they are all alike."
   While I am recalling what word order he gave, the meaning was loud and clear. Here was a caring individual who had hope when he voted. I mean, he was kind and polite when he greeted me, and yet, at the very sight of a book title his face turned hard, discouraged, without hope. It was very sad. 
  There are many things we need in this world to bring about the change most of us wish to see. I dare say no one wants to watch the results of chemical warfare plastered on a TV screen no more then that daily violence reported every day. And yet, we do not want to be an ostrich and have our heads in the sand leaving our "rear" in the air. So, what can we do?
   For me, I will recall the words of Gandhi, "Be the change I wish to see in the world." Somehow we must hold onto Hope! We have to pray each day for strength to not just believe, but know things will get better. To allow our hearts to "turn off" to that possibility will only serve to add to the discouragement seen on the faces of people we encounter each day. 
   I am thinking I will order another one of those books and take it to the gentleman. He has a very good heart and his words show he does know what hope feels like, so perhaps reading that book will help restore some renewed hope for our planet.
   If you have not read the book, I highly recommend it. It is an easy read, very down to earth, and filled with Truths, not just some ideology someone espouses. No doubt, it will give you a better understanding where we are on this planet and help you to see we truly are moving in a very positive direction - that is, if each of us are willing to examine our hearts and allow it to teach us how to be the sacred human beings we really are.


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