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  This morning as I awoke it occurred to me how richly abundant we are in this world. There are so many gifts put in front of us each day. The question that occurred to me was, "How many of us notice these gifts?" I will make this personal. Yesterday, a friend took me to the airport, dropped me off, and told me how grateful he/she was for me. After enjoying a few hours watching people hurry about the airport, I got on my flight, enjoyed being the only person on my row of seats, arrived at my destination at warp speed and had another friend pick me up, give me a hug and tell me "Welcome home!" Now how good does it get?
   Sometimes I have to remind myself how blessed my life is. Oh, sure, there are situations that tug at my heart, make me crazy and brings tears to my eyes. However, that too, reminds me how richly abundant I am to have so many people and situations in my life that offers me the opportunity to really "feel"the full spectrum of emotions that being on this planet offers. Now, how abundant is that? 


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