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   This morning I am reminded that clarity is always present; we just have to be patient until we can see it! The fog is thick this morning, Grandfather sun has not yet made his ascent. The skies are beginning to lighten, so I am reminded he's on his way. 

   Much like life, we cannot always "see" what's really happening. We can know the sun will appear, whether we can actually see it or not because we can feel it's presence. The air is warmer, animals are awake and moving around, birds are in flight and, in most cases, we are busy doing whatever we do during the day time. And, yet, some days Grandfather is hidden from our visible eye. 
   Life situations are mirrors of this natural order. While we can "feel" the uncertainty or consequence of a situation, we cannot always know how or why it is or has occurred, and this can lead to all sorts of emotional reactions and feelings. 
   There is much we can learn from nature about faith, trust and a calm abiding with life situations, if we will simply be still and find something beautiful in the moment.  If we will take that action, we will remember, that whether we can "see" the solution, answer or reason it is there, given time, it will be resolved, made clear, or understood. All we must do is take a few moments to "look over our shoulder" and remember, that we have grown stronger, wiser, and more confident from our past experiences.
    Clarity is there, we simply have to "occupy" until the fog is lifted and the beauty of the situation is revealed. 


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