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  Love – what an amazing gift! With Love, you can face literally any experience put in front of you.  Starting a new job? Considering a move to another location? Finally finding the courage to try something new? Scared out of your wits about the state of the economy, government, and the world? Wondering if your health will improve? If your new idea will be taken seriously? If that new person you just met feels butterflies in his or hers belly like you do in yours? And, what about confidence? Tired of feeling less than your colleagues, siblings, best friend, or holding a grudge over something someone said or did?
  Any and everything a person confronts can be made safe, clear, comforting, confident, courageous, forgiven and any other word needed for a situation with a good doze of Love. And yet, Love is the one thing that scares the bejesus out of us! Isn’t that most interesting?
  While we wish and dream of being in Love, it is also the thing we fear the most. How is it that Love can send us soaring to new heights and plummet us to the depths of despair? Perhaps it is fear of losing it that keeps us from finding it; or at the very least, from looking for it. And, yet, Love is the one most crucial emotion every single being on this planet (and probably beyond) needs to thrive. Whether it is a plant, animal or human, every being grows stronger, bigger, and more beautiful when it is Loved.
  After my second marriage ended, I closed my heart to the possibility of another relationship. While I dated and “pretended” I wanted someone, I was really scared to death to trust my heart. It seemed to me my heart had “failed me.” As silly as that sounds, that is precisely how I felt. On some subconscious level, I made the decision to build a huge wall around my heart in order to keep it from being hurt again. But, you know the really interesting part? One day I realized that it was the Love I had for my heart that built that wall. Doesn’t that make you smile?
  So, indeed, John Lennon said it well, “All you need is Love,” and all the rough spots in life will be made smooth, all wounds healed, new inventions created, insecurities overcome, old hurts forgiven, and all the dreams you can imagine can come to fruition with Love. I simply Love that truth!



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