No place like home

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  Dorothy was so very correct, we may dream of places filled with adventure, new terrain .. something different then what we know; however, there truly is "no place like home!" I am so very grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed first hand, the beauty of this country this summer of 2014. I have met some amazing people who love their "home" as much as I love mine. While I could not tap my ruby slippers and wake up at home, each day I visited home in the quietness of meditation. I would move from room to room and acknowlege my plants, bed and sacred pieces, walk the perimeters of my garden and remind them all that they were loved. 
  This Thursday our monthly gathering of like-minded people will meet and then being home will be complete. My heart is full of gratitude for the richness of love, laughter, sharing and good food that fills my life with the richness of "home!"


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