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  There is so much abundance in my life I can hardly keep up with it all! Seems I just get something cleared,  organized, completed, and another "something" appears. I guess that is what happens when you are open to new possibilities.  I do enjoy projects, somehow they stimulate my creativity, and I so enjoy checking a completed project off my list. I have a theory that absolutely every situation offers a multitude of options. One of things I remember most about the students I worked with was the look on their faces when they realized they had options. 
  It is fascinating to watch the look of hope come into a person's face. There is a lightness that appears, as their eyes widen, face softens and illumination appears as a result of an "ah ha" moment. As simple as it seems to most of us, many people do not realize they have options. What a sad state of affair when a person feels "stuck!" I am grateful for the richness of life that opens up for a person when they truly realize what an abundant universe we live in. There truly is a wealth of new possibilities awaiting anyone willing to explore the terrain "outside the box!"When they are brave enough to try something new, trust another person enough to believe they do have options. It is a delicious world when a person gives him/herself permission to explore the world of possibilities!


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