The Gift

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  In the stillness of the night my Heart can be heard. During the busyness of the day my Head reigns! I am grateful for the opportunity to observe the relationship between these two very important aspects of my human experience.
 My head has learned what it takes to keep life in some sense of order, while my heart stands ready to help me use the tenderness of compassion in all I experience. Maintaining that balance takes a lot of “paying attention.”
 During this holiday season, my head has decided to simply assist my heart with creating ways to enjoy my family, friends, and to genuinely appreciate the generosity of so many people. I have recently realized that my head has finally become my friend and not a constant critic. Whew, am I ever grateful for that major accomplishment!
 As I sit in the quietness of my home and prepare myself for a good night’s rest, I can hear my heart reminding me that Hope, Faith and unconditional love spring forth when my head tenderly and admiringly shows love and respect for my heart by simply listening.  What a tremendous gift!


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