Great Mystery

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  Tis' the season for great mysteries. What to get Uncle Joe, how to handle the handmade sweater from Aunt Pearl that is 2 sizes too big, just to mention a few of the unknown mysteries of this time of year.  It seems most people no longer wait until the holidays to ask for something they truly desire; they just whip out the credit card and buy it there and then. While it is great to know people are able to buy what they want, when they want, it does put a crimp in the holiday shopping lists. I can remember when my kids were thrilled with new long underwear for Christmas, that certainly wouldn't fly now.
  I have never been much of a shopper, except at Christmas. The crowds never really bothered me during the holidays. I loved the festive decorations and familiar carols that filled the stores. I must admit this year I have waited longer to purchase gifts then ever in my life. 
  And so, the mystery of Christmas continues to pull me into this magical time of year when giving and receiving serve as reminders that life is, indeed, more joyful when kept in balance. It is not the dollar value of the gift, rather, the heart-felt intention by which it is given that provides the warmth. It is being remembered, even if it is a simple box of homemade goodies. 
  The great mystery of Christmas is really about keeping the true meaning of it in the forefront of our thoughts, words, and actions and to remember the amazing teachings of Jesus. Truly, he walked his talk, lived the words he spoke and he always found the best in everyone. Somehow he brought out the best in those that were otherwise labeled "misfits." The gift of of being truly seen for who we are is what opens our hearts and allows us to feel safe enough to truly venture into the Great Mystery of life! Whatever your faith may be, here's to a fabulous Holiday season.


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