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  This morning I feel contentment; pure, simple, sweet contentment with my life. The winter has been easy, my dear friend is recovering from what was diagnosed as a critical medical condition and my heart is so very grateful my son has been completely healed of his illness. One year ago Feb 14 we were pulling all the strength we could to confront his illness straight on.  Upon my son’s request many prayers were sent to the divine for courage, strength and a complete healing. While the journey was long and frightening, the resolve and determination of my son and all that stood with him during that time made way for the return gift of healing. What a blessing to witness the flow of energy that moves throughout life: the outpouring and inpouring was beautiful.
  The frigid temperatures of the north have moved into our area this morning. Light snow fills the air with a magical white powder that looks like clouds sitting on the Earth. The trees are bare and blow with a fury as north winds bring in subzero temperatures. What I know is it is all part of a divine order, a divine plan that only Creator can orchestrate. My mind tells a story of how things are being fed in order to make ready the Earth for spring and the planting season that ensues. However, it is my heart that brings tears of joy from the realization that life is in order: that there is a divine energy of goodness and love that absolutely awaits our requests, whatever those requests may be.

  Such assurance brings tears as I am reminded that unconditional love is not simply a phrase; it is our natural essence. It is not a birthright; it is who we truly are. Whether we use the name Creator, Buddha, God, Great Mystery or any other name, there is an essence that loves us and stands ready to assist us at absolutely all times. Our opportunity is to remember there is nothing we need to do but simply accept such perfect love.  This morning I accept such love and say, “thank you!” This morning I feel contentment!


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