Wicked 4

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  The continuing realization of the meaning of “Wicked” brings me to a sweet place today. The duality in all of life is certainly present in this topic as well. Recent events have brought “light” to my understanding, for it is the “darkness” that brings the fear. And what is darkness but the absence of light.  In essence, it is in the person’s perspective, or interpretation of dark that brings the emotional reactions. If one sees dark as simply a place absent of light, then more than likely it is more an inconvenience that requires one to bring a light, rather then something to fear.
  On the flip side, if we approach the dark as something to run away from, then we really do not understand the power of light. For even a pin size amount of light enables one to find their way through the darkness. We may have to squint our eyes (which narrows our view,) but we will be able to find our way around in a darkened area.
  Interesting, isn’t it? Narrow our view, become more focused … what an example of not allowing the distractions around us to interfere with what’s in front of us. Whew, that is one powerful truth that can carry us in any direction we choose. Of course, that also means we have no excuse for not accomplishing what we have in front of us. Ah, duality … there it is again. Regardless what the situation, we have the power to be responsible for everything in our lives. Wicked burden? Wicked blessing? Choose.



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