A Place in the World

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  Everyone is looking for their place in the world. Whether it is a career, a partner, a special place to call home, a favorite hobby, song, type of food, travel destination or anything else that occupies our time, we are seeking something of meaning. Absolutely everyone has a desire to feel loved and respected and somehow we have appointed a person, place or thing to acknowledge we have "arrived." We have to have something that indicates we have arrived or we seemingly would not know we are there.
  Goals help us have something to aim for, they are the destination point for which we get up everyday and do whatever we do. The sense of accomplishment is what motivates us into some sort of action; some specific end result that ultimately lets us know our lives are not in vain. That whatever action we do has purpose. 
  I wonder what the world would look like if we simply knew that our presence on the planet has purpose regardless whether we have a name for it or not? I wonder if just knowing that the footprints we leave helps those coming behind us to find their way? Perhaps knowing the only thing we need do is find the goodness in life and really feel it in our being would bring a peacefulness within that adds more goodness to our little corner of the world and ultimately would help us find our place in the world. These are the things my heart wonders this morning.


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