Sing a new Song

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  On this Easter morning I am reminded that at any moment we have the opportunity to turn a page, start anew, sing a new song. What a glorious gift we have to choose the direction we want our lives to go. While some situations we experience are painful and something we may, at the time, feel is a burden put upon us, on some level we chose that event to move us into a new direction, a deeper understanding of ourselves and of life.
  While such events may cause us to scratch our heads and say, "I chose this?" we more than likely will find a new perspective. Of course, while we are scratching our heads we often cannot see a positive outcome. However, if we look over our shoulder we will. All we must do is recall a painful or frustration situation from our past and remember, we are still having birthdays! In fact, if we look at it with gentle eyes we will more than likely see the ways the experience provided us with a new teaching, a new realization that did indeed, made us wiser, stronger, more resourceful then we knew we were. This is how we develop wisdom, from moving through difficult times and finding a new balance in our lives.
  While I would not begin to compare any of us to Jesus from the standpoint of what he endured at the end of his life, we do have the opportunity this Easter Sunday to resurrect a new strength, talent, gift that has been hidden from our sight. We may not have realized just how strong, resourceful, or forgiving we can be until we face a situation that requires us to summons that strength from within. 
  If, indeed, we are all sons and daughters of the Almighty, then we have within us everything we need to live our lives as our brother, Jesus. We, too, can use this day to resurrect our true, authentic self  and allow our thoughts, words and deeds to sing in harmony. As I hear the birds singing outside my window, I wish for each of us to sing a new song! Here's to the resurrection of unconditional love and forgiveness as the melody.


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