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  It seems every where we go the word, "transitions" is being coined. New constructions, renovations, refurbishing, recovering, new additions, are but a few of the words used to describe movement. We all know our world is in the flux of change, be it the weather, economic situations, political maneuvering, or lifestyle changes, things are being stirred up. 
  Everyone has an opinion as to whether these changes are for the betterment or detriment of life, however, one thing is for certain, the reference point by which we view life is shifting. My wish is for all of us to stay grounded in our personal point of truth . . . to have a clear knowing what "feels" morally and ethically true for each of us . . . individually. Then, from that point, hold true to that place and stand respectfully and loving true to our hearts. It seems to me chaos happens when we randomly ride the emotions of these changes. When we are clear what brings us a peacefulness within, we can stay steady through these changes. It is when people react to these changes on the whims of the moment rather then a personal place of truth that negativity is stirred and the possible gifts of such changes are missed. 
  Each of us must intimately know that personal place of truth and stay faithful and true to what brings harmony within in order to be a positive agent of change for those around them. It is like the old saying, "you can't see the forest for the trees." We need to stand back, take a deep breathe and ask our place of power within what it needs to be steady that we actually see the possible benefits of such changes. And then, most importantly, it is each person's responsibility to honor what is needed within rather then look outside his/herself for answers. We can listen to others opinions and points of view; however, ultimately it is what an individual chooses that helps keep balance through such times of change. As Gandhi so clearly and simply stated, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." At least, that is how I see it!


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