Independence Day

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  Today, after all the fireworks and hoopla around Independence Day, I am wondering how many people actually feel independent . . . and what that "independence" really means. As in most situations, the interpretation is in the "eye of the beholder." Does Independence mean a person relies solely on him/herself, or does it mean a specific regional community, race, religious, ethic or gender group identify mainly with each other? 
  To me, independence is a privilege that was given to all of us by those that walked before us, and it is maintained by those that show honor for that gift. Contrary to some popular belief, it is not just a right, it is a gift, and with that gift comes the responsibility to show respect for the high cost people past and present paid for such an honor. We are, indeed, all part of a community, and, we need each other to be truly free. After all, independence was not achieved by one person, it took a community working together to gain such a freedom. The truth is, if we do not have others standing with us, we are prisoners to the self induced limitations we place on our lives. Every soul that lives needs love to grow and thrive, without it we are imprisoned by our fear of being hurt, not being good enough, never having enough, always being a victim to the life around us. 
  On this July 5, it is my wish that each person opens their hearts and minds to the possibilities of what life as a sacred, loving community that lives in harmony and peace really looks like. And, I know it has to begin within myself; with how I treat myself, what I tell myself about my life and what actions or inaction's are important for me to take to align to the dream within my heart. This work "ain't for sissy!" It means I have to look honestly at what I tell myself about life. The truth is, what I say means nothing . . . it is my actions that show what is in my heart.
  With that said, the very first step is to know what is in one's heart. How about July 6 each of us consider what our heart truly desires. Tell your mind its only job is to remember what your heart has to say and to really come on board with this whole independence things by being a participating team member. 
  There you have it; independence is being free from the illusion we are separate for each other. It is means we have peace within ourselves . . .  that our head and heart love and respect each other! Gotta love the simplicity of it all! 


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