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  It is that time of year when the DOT is repairing, rebuilding, repainting the highways. One can be coasting along the highway and all of a sudden there are orange cones everywhere! Obviously, we all want pothole free roads, smoother pavement and clear visible white lines to keep us on the right track for traveling from place to place. Whether we like the constant slowing down or not, the overall benefits far outweigh the inconvenience. And so we slow down, take our turn to merge with the multiple lanes down into a single one in order to get from point A to point B in a safe and orderly manner. 
  Our Monthly Gathering has been in existence since I moved back to IN in June 2004. What a fascinating and interesting journey it has been as we began in Cloverdale and moved to Martinsville in 2009. Some of the more "seasoned" members have made this journey up and down the road along 67 and 231 for many miles. It has been an honor and privilege to walk this path with some truly amazing women. Some for a season, some for many years. Always, it has been a learning experience to witness the courage of those that come not knowing exactly why they are making the trek. What they know is their hearts are guiding them to something ... something new, familiar, foreign, scary and comfortable and all the emotions in between.
  With this journey the women that "showed up" always left something new for others to ponder, consider and think some more about. Sometimes it was unclear, other times it felt like a true, "homecoming!" And so, we move into this new season of harvesting when we have the opportunity to slow down and notice those that are merging into our lane.  We have the gift of stillness that comes when we ease into a new place with someone leading us and someone following us and always, moving in the same direction. 
  I do hope you will consider continuing this adventure and merge with us as we meet some "fellow" sojourners and move into the direction of Autumn; the place that resides in the heart. As we wrap ourselves in the warmth of our favorite sweatshirt, blanket, or perhaps nestle close to someone we love, let's slow down, listen to our hearts and welcome something new into our lane! Join us for our first merging, Tuesday, Sept 22 at 7 p.m. I will be leaving about 5:45 p.m. and welcome anyone interested in traveling along. Contact me via this blog or I do not check FB often, so that is not a good place to send me a note. This is our destination:

Sacred Path
1818 W 57th St, Indianapolis, Indiana 46228 

This is the description Victoria has written:

~~~ ♥ A Women's Sharing Circle creates space to share and connect with like hearted sisters. We all hold a multitude of gifts within ourselves. This circle allows time to share and develop our gifts as well as receive sacred gifts from other sisters in our community. We all crave more sacred authentic connection. Each sister brings a gift of the self to offer, this can be Teaching a Skill, Reiki, Yoga, Dance, Card Readings, Art Therapy, Poetry, a Teaching, Nail Painting, Massage, Sacred Listening, Encouragement, Energy Healing, Life Coaching... we all hold limitless gifts that can touch another sister's soul. What ever you are called to give will be beautifully embraced.♥ ~~~

*Your gift will be shared with one sister*


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