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  Of recent, I have learned a great deal about "family," that is to say, those that love you unconditionally and stand by you through thick and thin. I used to think one's biological family was the only source you could genuinely trust to provide such support. Sure, I knew friends were loyal, had a way of making life richer and more diverse; however, my former view was ones family of origin was the most dependable place to find such faithful supporters. 
  As is often the case, I have learned something new, and that is, it has nothing to do with the genetic biology, rather, it is the heart that creates ones family. I am a very blessed woman in that I have a tremendous family that expands and grows every time I allow my heart to trust ... to genuinely stay open! I must admit i have not always allowed my heart such freedom. Gratefully, that is no longer true!
  Perhaps now is a good time for those reading these words to consider the tremendous gift each of you have with the abundantly rich "family" that holds your heart next to theirs. I find this realization one of the best gifts ever! 


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