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  Through all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, may our hearts hear the truth ... that people want peace on earth, they want hope and they know there is something greater then themselves they cannot see. I am convinced that Christmas reminds all of us that magic is real, people are kind and that giving feels every bit as sweet as receiving. Regardless what holiday is celebrated this year, it is good to remember that it is hope, love and charity that feeds kindness and spreads joy to our world. No matter what our nationality, religion, gender, socio economic status, we all what to be seen and to be loved. While many teachers performed miracles and healed the sick, my observation is, the story of Jesus offers the most hope to the human heart. There is something within our hearts that needs and wants to believe in human kindness and compassion. 
  May your holiday be filled with the love of family, friends and four-legged companions. May you "count your blessings, name them one by one,"and realize what a gift it is to be on this planet. And, that regardless what adversities you may face, your blessings far out number your troubles! From my heart to yours, Vicky


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