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It has been said we are reflected through the relationships we have in our life. That's a pretty interesting thought. I have some amazing people in my life; some are imaginative, creative, forthright in their dealings, and overall powerful people; while others are real "characters". Some of these "characters"are disorganized, not clear in their communication, sorta "wishy-washy" in decision-making, and overall, prefer to sit idly by and watch life happen. I love all of them...every single one, and each have helped me become a happier, more balanced person. Of course, the first set help me accomplish many things; I have learned to realize my dreams by taking the necessary actions to manifest them, and to not give up on anything!

The "characters" helped me find my balance. Being an overachiever takes lots of time, and with that time comes added stress--how to get things done and still have time to play and really know your family and friends. I used to have many judgments about "couch potatoes" that were not very kind thoughts; I saw them as lazy and lacking ambition. (of course, I was the overachiever that appeared never satisfied with anything!)

Now that I'm older, I've learned to respect the tremendous gifts ALL of my friends provided. To the overachievers, I say thank you for motivating me to realize my dreams--for showing me how to do that, and to assure me I'm not asking too much! Thank you for showing me how it looks to know there are absolutely no roadblocks in life; only opportunities to use my creativity to move around them!

To the "characters" I say thank you for reflecting to me the importance of slowing life down so I don't miss experiences with my family and friends....These characters have helped me gather memories that are far more important than monetary accomplishments. An embossed seal from IU pales to remembering the All-Star baseball games my son's participated in, my daughter's dance recitals, or the first bus ride to school, first drive in his/her car, late night chats about their fears and joys. Like the commercial says; those memories are "Priceless"!

As I look in the mirror at the woman I have become, I am grateful I can look past the wrinkles, white hair, "interesting" shaped body, and really see who I AM! Now, I'm not saying it's always easy to see those things; however, having the gift of all the people in my life, it's getting easier. I do know, I am not this physical "space suit"; I'm a sacred being having a human experience. The reflection is beautiful, and I am grateful for the Windex my friends have provided!


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