Falling UP!

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It's been a most beautiful Fall; the draught did not affect the Fall colors. This is, without a doubt, my most favorite time of year; while each season offers it's own unique beauty, and teachings abound on how to simply be present with each season. Fall seems to pick my spirits UP. I love snuggling into winter clothes, the smell of a bonfire, the crisp sound that happens with I walk on the leaves; and, of course, the feel of the cool 'nip' in the air. For me, it is a time of settling into the quietness winter brings. Summer generally brings about much activity; and while I love that, it's nice to know the stillness follows. Sort of a time to allow the 'fruits' of summer, to settle into my being; which gives me the opportunity to really consider what I have experienced over the summer months.

Much like each day brings the newness, and evening the stillness, so summer into Fall, brings a time of settling into the winter time of rest. It's a joy to feel the full range of emotions, ideas, completions and welcome the cave of introspection into my life--at least for a few months!


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