The East

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New beginnings, new opportunities, new ways of "being" in this world! With all the changes on the planet, it seems the question in front of us is; "What's certain?" Deepak Chopra writes in, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Success, "through the wisdom of uncertainty, I will find my security"; what a powerful statement! Most of us aspire to be "enlightened"; to become more, better, good, and the list goes on that says we aren't "enough".

Whether we can actually "see" the Sun each morning; it does rise. Perhaps the clouds prevent our physical vision from seeing the Sun's fullness; that does not mean it is not there. Each of us have quirks, little habits that irritate us--our family--our coworkers, and still we are "whole". If we could know this for certain we would save ourselves much grief; and yet many of us continue to rise each morning and see someone "not complete" in the mirror.

Imagine a world in which everyone knew they were whole and complete; imagine the time we would free up to enjoy a new venture, new book, lunch with a dessert! As the Sun ascends in the sky this day, take a few moments to state your gratitude for the amazing creation you are...exactly as you are...then imagine what a gift the day will bring. Then you will know your true security lies within, and any changes put in front of you are simply opportunities to grow, expand and discover new adventures. This is the gift we are given from the East direction!


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