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Woke early this morning seeking some guidance for a person in my life making a request for healing.  After carrying the request to Creator, I was reminded how sweet it is to find nourishment in our relationships.  With all the chatter about deceptive, uncaring, dishonest people in the world, those that are the opposite are often overlooked.  Just like the focus on what is "wrong" in the world, so we tend to notice only those that we do not trust.  What I am finding is there are many very beautiful people sitting in their homes needing others with whom they can interact and share from their heart.  We sit in our homes because it feels safe--"out there" are people we cannot trust to be honest and trustworthy.  Consider for a moment if YOU are one of those sitting in your home not trusting others "out there?"  If you are, think of the valuable resource YOU can be to someone else sitting in their home feeling they are the only trustworthy people in their area.  Think how many of US are sitting alone needing someone with whom we can share, be friends, laugh, cry, pray--it's a daunting thought!  Now imagine if some of us actually took the risk to step outside our homes, to open our door to others to enter our sacred space....imagine what our communities would look like if we took that "leap of faith."  If things are to change, it has to begin within our own heart space.  Each of us must be willing to share the gifts we have with others that are very much like us.  How do we know if they are like us?  We introduce ourselves, chat a bit, then trust our gut to tell us if that person is trustworthy.  It begins with baby steps.  And those steps begin within our heart.  Each of us must be willing to take the risk to really open our hearts and minds to others.  It doesn't take long to know if the person is someone you "feel" comfortable around; but it does take time to watch their actions and discern if they are dependable (or trustworthy.) It takes a balance between jumping too quickly and waiting too long to decide.  Somewhere in the middle is where our gut is used to guide us. Seems only logical if we are to begin to open our hearts we take the time to trust ourselves to know how to use discernment with trusting others.  Of course, like everything else, it begins within ourselves.  Are you trustworthy, do you keep your word, do you gossip?  I say, let's give it a whirl.  We have nothing to lose and everything to gain by opening our doors to venture into our communities and really "see" and "feel" what is outside our homes.  I know it will change our lives and our communities if we practice what we preach, honor our words and treat others like we want to be treated, rather then pointing the finger at someone else and asking if they do!  What the heck, it's certainly worth a try.  As I see it, we have everything to gain and it doesn't involve money!  We can find all the nourishment we need by allowing our heart to guide us to the "well" where we can partake of the water of life that feeds our heart and soul.


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