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    Woke from a dream that had Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer reconstructing an old home. They had patched holes in some walls and were painting them a lovely green. Really didn't want to wake up since the "scenery" was so great. However, as all too often happens, despite keeping my eyes closed in hopes of staying with the experience, my brain woke up. I immediately started analyzing the meaning of the dream and before you know it, I was wide awake with my brain fully engaged in all sorts of fact finding activities. Rather than continue lying in bed, I chose to take the thoughts from my head and put them down in print. For me, seeing the words on paper helps my mind release them from my brain. I have such an amazing brain that kicks into gear at a moments notice, regardless of my hearts wishes; it wants to offer it's services.
     My mind is grateful for the quietness of night, since daytime is so busy with other external noises. I have noticed as I get older these noises tend to be more distracting. As I hear faint sounds of the middle of the night traveler, truck driver, or delivery vehicles to the nearby Publix store, I wonder about life. How is it the business of life becomes so focused on doing? And at what point did the doing become more important then just being? Why is it we are driven to find more ways to make money? When did figuring things out become so time consuming? I remember when people just did what was necessary in order to stay up with common chores. That was, of course, when manual labor and self-sustaining activities consumed your time. Back then, you went to sleep as soon as your head hit the pillow from exhaustion. Now days, we have things we need in a box, online, delivered to us, or someone else to do it for us.
    With these conveniences more time is freed up to "think." We think of ways to get, create, obtain, manage our "things," then we spend time figuring out how to use it, keep it, even maintain it, which, of course, requires our mind to figure such things out. Little wonder we get so tired! There's a lot to "think" about. 
     For this moment, I am just going to tell my brain everything is just fine. Things are as perfect as they can be and if it really wants to help me, it can be very still while I return to two delicious men waiting to help renovate an old building. Hmm, what I know of dream analysis is a building represents your spiritual life, so I say let Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer return, I have a hunch they can do a great deal for my soul! Come to think about it, fantasies do make my heart race, and I'll take that form over walking the 'treadmill' anyday!


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